RULA Awards 2020 for Best Researcher in Textile Technology

Ana-Marija Grancaric, Ivona Jerkovic


2020 / Volume 3 / Issue 2 / Pages 107


In short

Sponsored by the International Research Councils, this year, Prof. Vladan Koncar, PhD, Prof. Ana Marija Grancaric, PhD and Ivona Jerkovic, PhD student are RULA Awards holders for the Researcher Leadership Award, Best Researcher in Textile Technology in 2020. These Awards have got selected for the excellence of the paper published in Journal of Fashion Technology and Textile Engineering (2018), entitled – Textile Sensors Validatıon to Perform In Situ Structural Health Monitorıng of Textile Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites. RULA (Research under Literal Access) International Research Leadership Award is intended to celebrate research excellence and to increase trans-disciplinary exposure.

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