Balkan Society of Textile Engineers

Ilda Kazani


2018 / Volume 1 / Issue 3-4 / Pages 129-130


In short

In the summer of 2018, the Balkan Society of Textile Engineers (known as BASTE) has been established. It reflects the will of the communities of the textile engineers in the Balkan countries to strengthen and enhance their cooperation. In the last decades, the Tempus, and more recently, the Erasmus+ programmes have greatly supported the mobility of the academic personnel. In our discipline, it brought together textile researchers and allowed them to start cooperation and common activities. The result of this approach is the establishment of BASTE. BASTE is a scientific organization aiming to promote textile and clothing engineering and support and foster communication, collaboration, cooperation, and networking between its members. BASTE obtains its objectives through the organization of events such as conferences, congresses, workshops, courses, etc. In addition, BASTE supports the publication of journals, books, etc., for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and the communication between its members. BASTE encourages scientific cooperation and the organization of joint research projects between its members.

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