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Textile & Leather Review is a scholarly international peer-reviewed journal. Its primary aim is to establish scientific and professional communication within textile and leather related disciplines. Published articles present original research and advances across different disciplines. Namely, materials, technology, economics and design pertaining to the textile, leather, clothing and footwear industry.

Journal topics include research of different textile materials such as fibers, yarns, textile fabrics, leather, as well as composites and other fiber-based materials for various applications. Furthermore, the focus is on the technology and processing of textile, leather and accessories, textile chemistry, finishing and dyeing. In addition, the Journal welcomes articles on diverse aspects such as environment, innovation, management and marketing, quality, fashion industry, textile design process and more.

Textile & Leather Review publishes research and review articles providing current information with the purpose of stimulating the dissemination of research results in these fields.

The variety of perspectives provides a holistic view of the science behind textile and leather.


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