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Textile & Leather Review


A Review of Natural Plants as Sources of Substances for Cleaner Leather Tanning Technologies

Kallen Mulilo Nalyanya, Ronald K. Rop, Arthur S. Onyuka, Zephania Birech
Pages: 137-148
Published September 2021


Biaxial Cyclic Loading of Woven Fabrics

Snjezana Brnada, Stana Kovacevic, Irena Sabaric, Lovro Drzaic
Pages: 149-159
Published September 2021


Textile Finishing Using Polymer Nanocomposites for Radiation Shielding, Flame Retardancy and Mechanical Strength

Sorna Gowri, Mohammad Akram Khan, Avanish Kumar Srivastava
Pages: 160-180
Published September 2021

Solution Blow Spinning (SBS): A Promising Spinning System for Submicron/Nanofibre Production

Md. Khalilur Rahman Khan, Mohammad Naim Hassan
Pages: 181-200
Published September 2021

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