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Textile and Leather review


Chromium Adsorption on Banana Rachis Adsorbent from Tannery Wastewater: Optimization, Isotherm, Kinetics and Desorption Studies

Sofia Payel, Md. Abul Hashem, Mrinmoyee Sarker, Md. Shahruk Nur-A-Tomal
Pages: 118-134
Published September 2020

Evaluating Suitability of Glutaraldehyde Tanning in Conformity with Physical Properties of Conventional Chrome-Tanned Leather

Md. Minhaz Uddin, Md. Jawad Hasan, Yead Mahmud, Fatema-Tuj-Zohra, Sobur Ahmed
Pages: 135-145
Published September 2020

Synthesis and Application of Graphene Oxide (GO) for Removal of Cationic Dyes from Tannery Effluents

Md. Israil Hossain, Amal Kanti Deb, Md. Zakir Sultan, A. A. Shaikh, Manjushree Chowdhury, Md. Rayhan Sarker
Pages: 146-157
Published September 2020


Clothing and Textile Sustainability: Current State of Environmental Challenges and the Ways Forward

Sarif Patwary
Pages: 158-173
Published September 2020

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