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Textile and Leather review


Analysis of 3-D body measurements to determine trousers sizes of military combat clothing

Ada Traumann, Teele Peets, Inga Dabolina, Eva Lapkovska
Pages: 6-14
Published Online 15 January 2019; Published 8 March 2019

Resistivity behavior of leather after electro-conductive treatment

Aulon Shabani, Majlinda Hylli, Ilda Kazani, Pellumb Berberi
Pages: 15-22
Published Online 29 January 2019; Published 8 March 2019

Customizations of women bullet-proof jacket through 3D design process

Mulat Alubel Abtew, Pascal Bruniaux, Francois Boussu
Pages: 23-31
Published Online 13 February 2019; Published 8 March 2019


Overview and perspective of nonwoven agrotextile

Paula Marasovic, Dragana Kopitar
Pages: 32-45
Published Online 12 February 2019; Published 8 March 2019


Alternative methods for Salt free / Less salt short term preservation of hides and skins in leather making for sustainable development – A review

Venkatasubramanian Sivakumar, Resmi Mohan, Chellappa Muralidharan
Pages: 46-52
Published 08 March 2019

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